New Member: Diana Robinson

Gallery 9 would like to welcome new member Diana Robinson.

“Born and raised in Lincoln Nebraska, at a young age I spent time with my maternal grandmother who was a beautiful seamstress , always having fabric pieces around. Taking those fabric scraps, needle and thread creating doll clothes .That was  my first experience realizing my passion for the process of changing ideas into form .  From then on , that’s always been a part of my life. For many years I produced and sold my hand thrown and occasionally slab pottery , made from a lump of clay, all across the United States and a few other countries .  Deciding to take some time off from clay as my medium , I picked up my other interest, natural semi precious stones and turning them into jewelry . Now after several years it has evolved into metal smithing jewelry .  Taking blank sheets of copper, brass , sterling silver and turning them into pieces of sculptured art to wear hanging off your ears or around your neck .   Considering each piece an individual .  All the while I have been basically self taught , from books and experience with no boundaries.”

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