New Member Feature: Art Whitton

Sunset at Brzon

In February, Gallery 9 will be featuring work by new member Art Whitton.

I have been taking photos for most of my life. I got serious in the late 1970’s and learned all that could through books. I then worked in the retail photo industry from 1982 to 1995. This exposed me to a wide range of photographers, techniques and equipment.

In 2004 I bought my first digital SLR and started all over. I have come to embrace this new technology and am continually learning.

Since moving to Nebraska I have grown to love the landscape. Most of my recent work is large prints of the mid-west landscapes, focusing on the brilliant sunsets. Recently I set up a home studio so that I could shoot macro and still life shots in a controlled environment.

These two extremes – between expansive skies and small details form the bulk of my shooting.

You can see more of Art’s work at these links:
website | Facebook

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