New Member: Gretchen Olberding

Gallery 9 welcomes new jewelry artist Gretchen Olberding!

My first job out of the University of Nebraska was a Social Studies teaching position at Chas. Culler Jr. High in Lincoln, Nebraska. As a multicultural teacher, I introduced my students to the arts of each culture in our world. Later, after leaving Lincoln for small town Sandhills territory, I became an elementary Art teacher. On my own, I experimented in all media. I started fusing glass, then experimented with Precious Metal Clay. More recently I began creating jewelry from earth metals of silver, bronze copper and brass. My latest work is my “Pastiche Collection”, of enameled copper, which means “a mixture of different things.” A pendant might have elements of brass, copper and bronze in its presentation. Wielding the hammer to create texture is cathartic as well. Click here to read more.

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