Jeani Gustafson


Some ideas just pop up – an absolute mystery.

Sometimes, inspiration for an idea is obvious:
-Words and common idioms ignite a mental image.
I love reading, listening and talking.
-Human movement and interaction is inspiring.
People-watching is a favorite pastime.
-The beauty of the earth is a constant source of imagery.
I try to see it all.
-Art materials inspire me, generating a need to create.
My collection is growing.
-Development of one idea fuels another.
My ideas work themselves out in series.

Translating my mental imagery to visual imagery is a challenge in which I become totally absorbed. I consider all the materials available to me and experiment with new techniques. I am convinced I will always be enslaved to the exploration of art.

I rarely tire of my work because it is always changing. This leads me to spend long hours in my studio producing a wide range of work. It keeps me thinking, solving and producing. My enthusiasm for art is boundless.

My personal life is that of a small town girl. I grew up on a farm in central Nebraska where creative thinking was required to entertain yourself. I was constantly building, coloring and creating. We made sand cities, hay forts, tree houses, snow creatures, etc. I learned to sew, cook, draw and paint from my mother. I experimented with any art materials I could get my hands on. During my decision making years (What do I want to be when I grow up?) I explored a future in many areas but was always drawn back to art. The need to create just kept pulling on me.

My formal art studies began at Hastings College in Nebraska where I was first introduced to three dimensional art in sculpture and ceramic classes. I was captivated. My studies continue daily as I experiment and solve problems presented by each new piece. I continue my art education by attending workshops regularly.

Over the years, I have worn many different hats in pursuing a career in art. I have started and managed a gallery and frame shop, I have taught art classes for kids and adults as well as worked as “Artist in Residence” in public schools.

Recently, life presented me with a series of changes which has allowed me to set up a new studio space. I also have the chance to work single mindedly on my art exploration and experimentation for the first time in my life. I am eagerly embracing this fortunate change in my life and career.